Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Aussies beware...

the plant material enclosed in our wedding invitations!

We received an email via Jody's folks from his aunt in Australia. Apparently, the pressed flowers in the paper of our invites counts as foreign plant material, and cannot enter the country without being fumigated/decontaminated for the low, low price of $42.

Naturally, Jody's aunts and uncles and grandmother declined, and instead received only the photo of us that we'd included in the envelope.
I must say, that's one obstacle I would not have considered when choosing invites. The irises are quite dry and processed, but apparently not enough to be considered "safe" to cross the border!

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Sketti said...

Well! That's something I'm going to take into account as I choose our wedding invites...something I need to get on fairly soon! That is so unfortunate for you...Not something you would think of when choosing invites. E x


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