Monday, April 23, 2007

Almost Done!

I have been studying for my last final of the term... my exceedingly depressing American lit class. It has been interesting, but decidedly sad and thought-provoking. It reminds me why I am glad to be Canadian, and why it's a good thing I wasn't a teenager in the forties or fifties, despite the wonderful music of those decades.
It will be *so good* to finish at noon tomorrow. Woo-hoo!
I have the house to myself until tomorrow afternoon, with my folks away, so I am looking forward to indulging in a movie and a glass or two of wine. Then I will sleep. Ah, sleep...
Tuesday I will go to the gym again, having missed my weekend gym time. Instead Michelle and I did (most of) the 10K route on Saturday in just under an hour and a half. And I know I can go faster, so I hope we can make it in an hour and a quarter on the 29th.
The gym's been going fairly well... my stamina is up on the cross-country stationary bike setting, and my strength has improved also. I am really happy I have a membership, since I can go anytime, and also use the pool. Hot tubs are good.
Come to think of it, that might be another thing I will do on Tuesday--soak in the hot tub. Let me tell you, I am still sore from the big walk on Saturday. But I did it! So I know I can make it next weekend.

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