Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yay! The house is sold!
Things will be so much easier now; no walk-throughs, no realtors phoning, no need to keep everything out of sight every time I leave the house -- and best of all the roofers are done banging and shouting through our bathroom skylight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The busyness!

Jody and I were busy with many things over the weekend-- premarital counselling, the menu, the guest list, talking about the honeymoon... not to mention going to church, sorting through boxes I'd brought over to his place, cleaning and reorganizing, and taking a bit of time together just to relax.
Wedding planning is not for wimps!

My parents are selling their house, which only makes sense. So it has to be scrupulously, ridiculously clean. Yes, I am untidy. No, I am not a slob--mostly (clean) clothes and papers/books stacked everywhere. So this constant tidier-than-tidy cleanliness is a bit much--I mean, you can't really *live* in a house when you're selling it and people can call and say, "Is it okay to open up your home in 10 minutes?"

Mom went to the thrift store today and walked off with fabulous vintage Nine West shoes that only need to be re-heel-tipped. She also found a navy blue, floaty gown with a belt--complete with oval rhinestone buckle--that fits her perfectly. Yay, Mom! She looks great.

Today I took another look at Peoples and found a wedding band I really like. This is the best one I've found yet. The lady there also looked at my engagement ring and was scandalized that I'd been wearing it, because apparently the last two people who've looked at it had not noticed one of the smaller diamonds spinning around in its setting. So, yeah. Now it's going to be retipped, or whatever it is they have to do to stop it from doing that. Apparently I'm lucky I didn't lose any of the four smaller ones, because they are loose, but especially the one on the end. And the diamonds are the original ones from the fifties, which means they wouldn't be easily replaceable. Plus it doesn't go in for appraisal until the end of the month.

I didn't think about it much until today, but having our wedding on Mother's Day weekend affects more than just the invitees. It affects the florists. My first choice for a florist is not doing any weddings that weekend. So I have to look for someone else.

On a good note, with all this rearranging and moving boxes, Jody and I are closer to deciding what we'll need to go and get a registry started. Because people have been asking, which is lovely, except that we've been too busy with things that are more immediately pressing. So hopefully we'll have an answer for those people soon...

School. Ah, school. This is coming into crunch time. And there is so much to do I wish there were two of me. And perhaps someone to read the depressing American novels heaped on me this term--it will be a wonder if I don't go into a mental asylum like Esther from The Bell Jar or find myself underground with stolen power lighting up thousands of lightbulbs like the narrator in Invisible Man. No, not H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man--this one's by Ralph Ellison. And I have to say, Oprah picks dark books. The Bluest Eye, anyone?

So that's about it for me right now. Time for bed.

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