Thursday, January 22, 2009

A mountain of ricy goodness

Jody and I went out for dinner last night with Mark, before heading to our place to hang out and watch some TV shows.

We went to the oft-mentioned but never photographed (by us) Wok Station, now pictured here:

The food is fantastic, and the menu is even better. In Jody's words, "They've run the menu through Google Translate." It takes twice as long to decide as it usually would, because you're too busy laughing at the menu. The wait staff seem to be able to speak perfectly good English, but the menu is decidedly Engrish.


Jody got a chicken curry with a side of rice, similar to the one I ordered the first time we went to the Wok Station. (Mine was full of pumpkin - but the menu didn't tell me whether the dish was made with yellow, red or green curry. When I asked if it was a yellow curry (my fav), the waiter looked puzzled and said, "Yes. It's pumpkin." As though to put pumpkin with any other curry was unthinkable.)

Mark requested something without gluten (he's allergic, which knocks out soy sauce and oyster sauce), so the chef made him a simple stir fry that looked fresh and crisp. The restaurant has a fun way of chopping their carrots, and they look like crispy cut fries.

If you look closely at the menu photo, you'll see #33, Labor Fine Rice or Fine Noodle - and this is what I ordered, because, let's face it... How can you resist something with chili jam, that's good when you're hungry?

Oh. my. goodness.

This mountain of rice (which apparently, I could have ordered as a noodle dish) was superb. And it was only $12.90 AUD, which is $10.75 CDN. I ate all of it, and I was very full. I took the photo after I'd eaten somewhere between 1/4 and a third because I almost forgot. It was flavourful but not too spicy with the chili jam, and I looooooooove kaffir lime leaves and basil, and the beef was thinly sliced and tender.

If there weren't so many other interesting sounding dishes on the menu to try, I'd have that one again in a heartbeat. More next time we visit!

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