Saturday, December 23, 2006

Playing catch up

Sooo... it's been awhile. Like, a month. Here are a few quick highlights:

The annual Swing City Vintage Night! Thanks to Jools for the photo, and to Nana for birthday money for the dress. It looks like I will be wearing the dress tomorrow for Jody's coworker Paul's wedding.
My first time at Bootleg Boogie! Wow, that was fun. Swing dancing on a Thursday night... who'd have thought?
School is out! Yay! Mom and I baked cookies, the Christmas tree is up and presents for 20 are spilling out from underneath it, but I have yet to find the perfect gift for Jody...
Michelle is away in New York for the holidays, and my friend Monika has moved away to Nova Scotia *sniff*. But Ruth and Peter are coming from Winnipeg to visit! And Pam & Mitch are sticking around, as is Jody. There will be a full house at Christmas as usual.

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