Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genuine compliments

Sometimes, you have a grumpy day. It's drizzling outside, you feel ugly, or you despair that you'll never find a fulfilling job. Whatever the reason, we all have these days - sometimes stretching across a whole week (or more). On those days, I sometimes have to remind myself that I am pretty, or smart, or fun to be around. But as I'm often my own worst critic, it helps to store up genuine compliments from the people who know and love me best.

So thanks, friends - family - you know who you are. Here are a few of your compliments that make me feel good, even when I'm grumpy. You might have said it in a moment, but it's stayed with me.

Your homemade soup is so good, you could sell it on the street on Friday nights and make tons of money.

You're one of those women who looks even more beautiful with time.

You're the best hugger in the whole world!


Julia G said...

I will add that comment #2 was not from a family member, but a male friend who has known me for 10 years. Now that's genuine.

Nathan Pralle said...

You are one of the most 'real' people I know in the world, always genuine, always true.

Pammy said...

You have a really nice bum.J-LO's got nothin' on you.

Julia G said...

Aww, thanks Nathan and Pam :) I wasn't fishing, but I'll take those!


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