Monday, May 31, 2010

Hip Hop Mondays

Nothing beats the Monday blahs like my hip hop class. It's just five girls in the company of Rihanna and Chris Brown (though not together) with the occasional 90s flashback. Oh, do we have fun! Our current routine is set to "Picture Perfect," and as far as we know we all look great - we have no mirrors in our dance practice room!

Now that we know the steps, we can start to put the routine together and do it back-to-back, which is giving us a pretty good workout. It might be heading into winter, but after the warmup dance and one or two run-throughs, the sweatshirts have been flung into the corners of the room. Our instructor, Katie, is pretty awesome - charismatic, encouraging, laid back - and she's got skills. Funky sexy hip hop skills.

All of us were in black and grey this week, and we looked like a dance troop. We're really starting to come together as friends, too, over the past six or eight weeks. The most experienced dancer there - who's done ballet and contemporary before starting this class - mentioned that our personalities were starting to come through the moves, and she loved seeing it in us when it was her turn to watch. Hip hop has been such a stretch for me, coming from a swing and ballroom background, and I'm still trying to take up more space and make things big and strong on the dance floor. It's what I wanted, though; it's a chance to grow, and push myself, and see how it feels to dance solo.

Mondays aren't so bad. I tie my hair back and pull on my silver high-tops, and I'm ready for hip hop.


Nathan Pralle said...

How unusual but fun! You should post a video sometime, it'd be fun to watch you guys in action.

Julia G said...

Ha ha ha. I haven't even seen us in action... we have no mirrors! But I do feel myself getting more loose, and you kinda have to "go for it" or it doesn't work. There's another girl who's about the same level as me, and she looks better than 6 weeks ago... so there's hope for me! :)

Stacey Thomas said...

I think that's wonderful. It's something I would definitely not do myself. If I ever take a dancing class, I want to learn salsa dancing. I agree with Nathan, one of these days post a vid, I would love to see your group, and so would my Little Man--he's a HUGE "America's Best Dance Crew" fan and I have him in floor gymnastics/tumbling so he can learn "moves like them" :)


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