Friday, March 26, 2010

So Over These Songs

Dear Radio,

Please understand that, while I appreciate the wonders of alternating currents and free music, there are some songs that I just.cannot.stand.anymore.

My coworkers have little radios at their desk, and while I don't mind a little background music, they don't choose the same station - so two days a week, I have opposing sounds coming from my left and right. And so here are the songs that I would really, truly appreciate, Radio, if you could convince your other Listeners to dial down the requests.

Hey Soul Sister - Train

Replay - Sean Kingston

Fireflies - Owl City

Rude Boy - Rihanna

Today Was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift

Empire State of Mind - Alicia Keys & Jay-Z

"Empire State of Mind" and "Rude Boy" are particularly annoying, because they are very repetitive and the range is such that, over the desk partition, I can't hear what I'm sure are carefully crafted countermelodies and lyrical verses, and so all I hear is this:

"C'mon boy, boy boy... take IT take IT take IT take IT"

"New Yo-ooooork... New YORK New Yoooooork!"

I can barely understand Sean Kingston (Iyaz? really?) until halfway through when he stops playing with the synth and actually SINGS a verse. Fireflies is totally overplayed.

And Taylor, I love you - but do all your hits have to be about princes and fairytales?




Sketti said...

What's your beef with Train? Then again I've only heard the song twice so far, I agree about fireflies though, SO overplayed (and I listen to Absolute Radio!) The others I've never heard.

Julia G said...

My beef with Train is that I hear it five times a day. I kid you not. Five.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I hear you. Although I still love "Hey Soul Sister," hearing Fireflies so frequently on the radio has actually make me shudder whenever I hear Owl City.

I used to be such a fan....

Listening to the Radio at work is nice, but sometimes.... Sometimes it just ruins things :P


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