Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Date Night - Sherlock Holmes Edition

Jody has embarked on a "keep Julia happy" program lately, which is very nice, since my parents' visit is over and we have no future plans for me to look forward to.

[January 13th] we went out to dinner and a movie, and our night went something like this:

1. Buy tickets - 6:40 show is sold out, so we opt for 8:45 and dinner first.
2. Find hole in the wall Korean restaurant near theatre. Eat delicious dumplings, drink sake (me for the first time - inexplicably, Jody tries to tell me it can taste like soap if I don't drink it warm), try dishes we can't pronounce - enjoy everything and leave, absolutely stuffed.
3. Visit favourite used bookstore, a few blocks away. Buy American Gods by Neil Gaiman and The Duchess by Amanda Foreman.
4. Watch Sherlock Holmes. This included a pre-movie show, consisting of the bogan* couple next to us mixing their own hi-ball and getting drunk before the previews are over. They talked really loudly and were generally annoying (though not as rage-inducing as the Asian chick who was on her phone in the middle of IMAX Watchmen). Fortunately, 10 minutes in, two girls came down the aisle and kicked them out because the couple was in their seats.
The movie was good, but you can wait for the DVD. The best part was the camaraderie between Downey Jr. and Law - they were an excellent duo.
5. Scrap plan to go for ice cream, as it looks like rain. Arrive at bus stop one minute before our bus arrives.
6. Get in the door just as the lightning starts. Eat brownies and vanilla ice cream.
7. Upload photos and write note while Jody plays with his newly repaired TV. (Par for the course.)

And now, to sleep.

* Bogan: Australian or New Zealander who possesses no class at all. Redneck, white trash.

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Sketti said...

Ah! That's lovely hun! I love the bit about brownies and ice cream. I think we should find something for you to look forward to. Can't be having you unhappy!


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