Friday, May 08, 2009

Fashion Essentials for Sydney in the Fall

It's fall here in Sydney. People have been asking about the weather and how I'm acclimatising, so I thought I'd break it down for you.

Fashion Essentials for Sydney in the Fall

Add tights or leggings to your skirts and dresses. Super-shiny "liquid" leggings are very popular.

Wear boots or ballet flats instead of thongs. But if it's not raining, go ahead and wear your thongs.

Carry a pashmina if you go someplace nice in the evening.

I imagine it will soon be cold enough in the evening for an actual jacket - right now I'm getting away with blazers most of the time. Some ladies are wearing short leather jackets and light trenchcoats.

For daytime casual chic, all you need are jeans, shoe-boots, a long-sleeved shirt, a light jumper (sweater) and a cute scarf. These items are perfect for days when it's really chilly, like 15 or 16 degrees C.

Pictured: a pashmina shawl, and a shoe-boot, or "shoot."


Nathan Pralle said...

What, praytell, is a pashmina? And do I need one in blue AND black?

Julia said...

Black is certainly a good option, though I myself have turquoise and caramel and purple. I'm not much for black.
I have added a photo of a pashmina for your enjoyment. Perhaps your wife would like one?


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