Thursday, June 26, 2008

The hunt

The job hunt, that is.
Naturally, my first attempts will be at bookstores and the library. Perhaps the university as well. I plan to go up there tomorrow and see what's up at Career Services. I am pleased with my much-edited and looked-over resume (thanks to M and S) and am getting the hang of cover letters. My search has been made slightly more difficult due to my lack of experience in libraries and the lack of booksellers needed, despite the high bookstore ratio present in this city.

Seriously. There are a lot of bookstores. Which is why, last year, I did my final Web class project as an online guide to Vic's used bookshops - and only included my favourites. I called it The Well-Read Path. It's mostly still intact, but the links to request books only go to my uni inbox, so don't bother if you happen to visit. :)

I stumbled across a uni job but pretty much don't have any of the qualifications for it. Not only am I only an undergrad ( they ask for a grad or PhD student ) but I also am unfamiliar with APA, having spent my years on MLA. Apparently this other style of citation is quite difficult to do properly.

Something will come up. But it would be really great if it came up before Jody returned from his business trip.

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Sketti said...

Oh I'm sure you'll get a job somewhere! Just remember you need to sell yourself (in an interview that is!). Be confident, prepared and let them know you are a quick learner and work well with others (good to back it up with examples!)


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