Friday, October 26, 2007

Polish Pancakes

September was basically taken up by a conference Jody was involved in. Hundreds of geeks and their significant others descended on Victoria for a week or so, and some of them ended up at our house. Several of them ended up at our house more than once, and we had a great time entertaining our international guests.
A couple visiting from Poland became obsessed with pancakes and waffles and maple syrup after Jody cooked up a big batch early one morning, complete with Canadian back bacon, coffee and orange juice. Nothing says "code sprint" like a table full of nerds with full tummies!

The constant stream of nerds into our household prompted our roommate Chris to compose a song that went something like this: " NERDS suddenly appear, anytime... Jody's near!?"

Anyway, back to the pancakes. Waffles. Pancakes. Whatever. I sent our Polish friends the address to my Victoria bookshop online index, The Well-Read Path, and they came back from downtown with several books, some of them cookbooks. When they returned home they tried out pancake recipes and creatively used what looks like their panini grill to recreate a Canadian breakfast.

Thus, I present to you, Polish Pancakes.

Complete with a tin of maple syrup!

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Sketti said...

That's great! Made my day!


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