Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where'd the sunshine go?

And now for something completely different from my rant (below). I wrote this this morning waiting for class to get interesting.

What's a girl gotta do to get some sunshine?
The first half of July, it seemed we were finally blessed with summer weather. It was so hot I complained, even though I swore I wouldn't--but it was only because of the ridiculousness of sitting in a non-air-conditioned classroom for 2 classes X 2 hours in the 30+ heat.

So now, it's foggy and raining and humid, meaning you need to cover up against the raindrops but your fall jacket is too warm. It is disgusting. This is the West Coast! It's supposed to be beautiful, warm weather, not fall-like and dreary.

I was really looking forward to summer, not to mention all my cute summer clothes! I didn't get to wear them last year. There is no way I should be wearing jeans, long sleeves and a jacket on the 23rd of July. After spending 3 months of last summer in South Africa's winter season, with an average temperature of 20 in the daytime and 0 at night, I was due some sunshine!

I had visions of reading books for my summer classes in the backyard in the sunshine, with an ice-cold drink, or heading down to the beach for ice cream. Instead I've been making tea and hot chocolate, craving the comfort of grilled cheese and soup at lunch, and reading on the couch. Backyard reading has been out of the question for the past 10 days; it's just too depressing compared to earlier this month when I sat outside in my sundress in a camping chair with a drink in the armrest and Shakespeare in my hand.

Seriously... there is no reason for it to be this un-summery. That may not be a word, but I think it should be. It's the only thing that describes the weather lately.

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Sketti said...

I think I've forgotten what the sunshine actually looks like. We've had so much rain here. It's rained for nearly every day for the past two months...it's getting boring!


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