Thursday, January 04, 2007

So this is the new year...

and I don't feel any different.
--Death Cab for Cutie's "The New Year"

It was a very busy Christmas, what with family and many of Jody's friends visiting. My best friend went away to New York and my sister worked a lot, and try as I might, most of my friends could not find time to even have a coffee with me. But I did do a lot of fun things, including:
-Dancing at Bootleg Boogie
-Bodyworlds 3 at World of Science
-Perusing several used bookstores
-Beading earrings and bracelets
-Tea at the Empress
-Walking on the breakwater and seeing a pelican and whales and seals
-Eating, eating, eating
-Baking cookies to give to aunts & uncles
-Reading, watching movies, just to relax!

It was a very nice holiday, and after spending several days in a row around lots of people I felt lonely in a house all by myself.
School had decided to start extraordinarily early this year (today!) and it is rather sad that half the money which has found its way into my bank account will go to tuition and books. Blech. But today I went to the mall to redeem gift certificates, and ended up with a DVD of the new The Producers (really funny), and Body Shop stuff, AND a Gap denim jacket that was on sale for an incredible $9.99! There was no tag on it so no one else had bothered to ask how much it was, I guess. But it fit me perfectly and I've been looking for replacement jean jacket for months on end, so I asked and was pretty much bowled over by my good luck. Yay! :)

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