Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Day!

Today was a good day... only one class at school, had a nice chat with Rachel afterwards and worked on my present for my sister's birthday. I won't say more about that in case she reads this before I give it to her. So excited for her to see it!

I went to the gym with Michelle and Chris (no, not Chris H) and I am pretty pleased with my progress over the last month. I am more confident, and also I moved up a little on the free weights on one exercise-- I am now lifting 15 lbs, whereas a week ago I was at 12 and when I started I was at 10. I'm almost ready to increase the weight on another exercise, too. Yahoo! Slowly but surely.

While downtown, I found a darling vintage hat, just in time for Swing City's annual Remembrance Day weekend Vintage Night. Now I just have to find an outfit... funny how that works.

Tonight I went to Alpha with Jody, and we had some very interesting discussions. It's nice to look at familiar topics with new eyes.

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